Cairde Ghaeil Inis Ceithleann Development Update

A quick update on Cairde Ghaeil Inis Ceithleann and our on-going developments.

If you have been around Brewster Park recently you might have noticed a few things going on, then again you might not have noticed what’s hidden behind the clubhouse.

In December club volunteers including many of our senior players helped with the partial demolition of the old changing rooms facing the small pitch. This preparatory work saved a substantial amount of money and we are very grateful to all who helped.


From late December our contractors have been on site, we are hoping that if everything goes to plan the external works of this stage of the development will be completed in spring.

On top of these works Prunty Contracts are due to begin the major overhaul of the “wee pitch” in March.

Work began early in 2023, with a dedicated band of volunteers clearing ground around the pitch to ensure that we could maximise the land that we have. This work wasn’t easy, we hit a couple of snags along the way, but we are all set to move forward with the work of creating a second pitch that will serve the club well.

As a club we are indebted to all those who have made these projects happen. These development projects can only be completed with the financial and time commitments of our many members and contributors.

Particular thanks go to all members and contributors who support Cairde Ghaeil Inis Ceithleann and to all businesses who support us through signage and corporate sponsorship.

Anyone who would like to support this development please email

By joining Cairde Ghaeil Inis Ceithleann you will be helping us to push on with our development plans, by making a regular donation to the club you can help us to provide facilities that will benefit all of our members and provide a platform for future success.

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By proenniskillengaels Wed 14th Feb