Ulster GAA seeking volunteers for Covid-19 vaccination programme

December 23rd, 2020 | News

Following the excellent response by GAA clubs to the Covid-19 efforts in spring, Ulster GAA have been approached to ascertain if we can coordinate a volunteer effort to assist with the roll out of the Covid-19 vaccination programme in the 6 counties.

Whilst the vaccinations are controlled by the respective Health Trusts and will take place in 7 different locations there will be a need for volunteers from across the voluntary sector to deliver this efficiently. As a result, Ulster GAA are contacting GAA clubs which are local to each vaccination centre to gauge interest in assisting with this programme.

Essentially club volunteers will be asked to attend the vaccination centre at the FERMANAGH LAKELAND FORUM. Clubs could potentially provide as many as 10 volunteers per shift with two 6 hour shifts per day. We would encourage volunteers to complete a minimum of one shift per week. Some of the duties these volunteers would be required to carry out are detailed below:

  • Welcoming people on arrival at the centre
  • Directing people to the vaccination area
  • Encouraging people to use hand sanitizer and wear a mask
  • Maintain social distancing in queue management
  • Navigating people through the vaccination centre
  • Providing support at the observation area for people who have just received the vaccine
  • Directing people to the correct exit point in the building, managing the flow of people

Volunteers can register via the online system ‘Better Impact.’ Volunteers will be able to complete a volunteer application form from https://app.betterimpact.com/PublicOrganization/7a787f31-369d-45e5-bd12-241d3924bbd6/2 It will require basic contact details, availability and emergency contact details. You will also be able to choose the organisation you are representing (Ulster GAA) and there will be a tab to record your full club name. It is imperative that you also record your club. When shifts become available volunteers will then be able to select the shift that best suits their availability.